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Do you have a physical store?

Baked by Kudzai is a home-based business in Lonehill with no store to walk into. All items are freshly made to order with no stock-on-hand to buy at any time. 

What products do you offer?


I offer round cakes with 3 or more cake layers, with the smallest cake offering 10 servings. Cake sizes are as follows:

  • 6"/15cm cake: 10-15 servings

  • 7"/18cm cake: 15-20 servings

  • 8"/20cm cake: 20-25 servings

For 30+ servings, tiered cakes are available, with sizes and tiers dependend on the number of servings required


I offer cupcakes in a variety of flavours, decorated with buttercream as well as fondant toppers and edible prints for characters. The minimum order quantity for cupcakes is 12.

Letter and Number Cakes

Any letter or number of your choice, in either vanilla or chocolate flavour. They are each A4 in size, with 2 cake layers, serving between 8 and 10 people

How much do they cost?


Cake prices depend on size and decor required. The minimum amount you can expect to pay for a 6"/15cm cake with 10 servings, plainly decorated is R1100. For a well decorated 6'/15cm cake, budget around R1200-R1400. For bigger sizes, please log an enquiry to receive a customised quote.


The mimimum price for 12 buttercream decorated cupcakes is R420. Final price will depend on additional decor items required

Letter and number cakes

From R1100 for each A4 sized letter or number. Final price depends on decor items required

What flavours do you offer?

Cakes and Cupcakes

Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Caramel, Carrot, Lotus Biscoff, Strawberry, Lemon and Lemon Poppy Seed

Fillings: Chocolate ganache (dark, milk and white chocolate) Blueberry Compote, Strawberry Compote, Caramel Sauce, Strawberry Jam, Oreos, Fresh Strawberries, Bar One Sauce,  Lotus Biscoff

Letter and Number Cakes

Only Vanilla and Chocolate

How do i order?

Please send an enquiry form via the Enquire section. You can also email me on For quicker responses. you can Whatsapp me on +27 63 334 9644 which can be done easily through clicking the Whatsapp icon at the top of the page. I will only accept your order if the design is within my abilities and if i have availability.

Once all information is received, i will send an invoice with banking details for an EFT, I do not accept cash payments. Full payment must be received according to the invoice details before i will begin working on your order.

When should I order

At least 7-14 days notice is needed for your order to be processed.

More notice might be needed, depending on the cake design you would like

At least 1 month's notice is required for wedding cakes

Shorter notice periods can be accommodated if I have availability.

For peace of mind, please book as early as possible. My calendar is always open 3 months in advance. For dates that are more than 3 weeks away, a 50% deposit will secure your slot, with balance due 2 days before your order is needed

How do i get my order?

Collection is preferable to ensure your order is transported safely. You are welcome to collect in Lonehill on the agreed upon date and time. Alternatively, you can request an Uber (car, not motorbike) to collect on your behalf, at your own risk.  

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